We use Italian technology and know-how, to offer services to ceramic tile industries.

Digital printed Cove base

Mainly used for commercial application, this product is an essential part of the ceramic tile market.
The increasing technical requirements and the needs of design products, make our cove base a perfect match for customers’ desires.
Porcelain tile cove base with a digital printing finishing, and our ability to reproduce any sophisticate design, are the answer to the most challenging customer’s requests.


Another service offered to our customers. In a market characterized by an increasing demand of technical products, squaring and rectifying are services in great demand. Rainbow is able to produce virtually any size from any input size.


With automated production lines, Rainbow meets the marketing needs of our clients providing polishing-lapping services.

Thanks to an effective cutting system, the line can produce while polishing-lapping different output sizes from a single input size. After polishing-lapping the material is also squared and rectified and a micro bevel is applied. Our line can produce virtually any size from any input size.

Digital printed Bullnose

An essential part to complete your products line.
The bullnose is essential in both interior and exterior applications.
Rainbow has answers to meet those needs and addresses the increasing demand of the market.
Normal tiles are cut and profiled with a state-of-the-art machine to create the typical bullnose shape. Then they are glazed with a digital printer that reproduce the surface of the base tile and fired to create a perfect product that has the same characteristics of tiles.