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A History of Commitment to Solutions

Our Group using Italian tradition and technology to provide services to the ceramic tiles industry for more than 20 years.

Rainbow was founded to provide the services to the U.S. Ceramic Tiles Industy. Located in Clarksville, Tennessee, Rainbow offers and ensures excellent services for ceramic materials. Since 2003, Rainbow has built a solid reputation for offering best prices, quality and most of all reliable service for any tile specialty.

Rainbow gives you the opportunity to have the competitive edge in the marketplace by providing large quantities of cove base, bullnose, squaring and lap-polished material while respecting your delivery requirements.
With top notch technology we follow the creative evolution the market requires.

Our production capacity responds to market needs. We guarantee the industrial quantities for cove base, bullnose squared or lap-polished material, while sticking to your schedule. However, our flexibility enables us to meet specialized requirements and if necessary, produce smaller quantities of material.

Rainbow routinely exceeds our clients’ need for quantity, quality and scheduling

Our Facilities

Our production facility extends over an area of more than 80,000 square feet.

The plant currently has over 100 employees located in our state of-the-art facility.

We are equipped with the latest in automated technology including: automatic Squaring and Lap-Polishing machinery, cutting lines, robotic packaging, and Digital printers for both bullnose and cove base production.

Our cutting lines are capable of processing more than 180,000 pieces a day while at the same time producing more than 30,000 square feet per day of Lapped or Squared material, more than 40,000 pieces of bullnose and more than 20,000 pcs of cove base per day.

Cutting & Assembly Solutions

Simply, this is what Rainbow does. However we give you extraordinary choices to satisfy all your needs.
Besides cutting your materials – changing the physical shape, we can give you space for your emotions.
It is amazing how many styles we can produce. Nowadays, whatever reminds us of the past has become more and more fashionable. This trend has not been ignored by the ceramic industry. Rainbow responds with a process for antiquing. The look is obtained by a distinctive tumbling technique. You are then able to achieve a rustic, time worn look reminiscent of qualities admired in Italian materials.
This way of cutting mimics the features of natural stone but maintains all the strong properties. With our cutting and beveling process our clients can market products that reproduce the appearance of ancient Italian marble.


Give us your specs, we will make it happen. Your materials are cut, boxed, bar coded, labeled, and wrapped to your specifications. We have the technology and know how to meet any requirements.

Shipping Receiving

We have the space and the speed.
We have over 80,000 square feet, sufficient space for effective production and warehousing operations.
Our shipping and receiving department is efficient and works with our customers to meet all delivery terms.

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